Angela Reais

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Personal Trainer: Jason Sarmiento

  1. How long it took you for this transformation?

I started Macao Fitness in October 2019, so it has been one year.

02. From what weight did you start and what’s your current weight now?

I started with 69kg, now I’m 60kg.

03. How has Macao Fitness and Jason helped you throughout your journey?

Macao Fitness’s facilities, extended business hours and variety of group classes definitely played a major role in creating the perfect conditions to invest in my fitness journey. Doing Personal training with Jason Sarmiento felt like I was being educated while exercising. As a result, I maximized the effectiveness of the training and reduced the risk of injury. He helped me set realistic goals through a personalized & challenging plan. He also managed to help me break through plateau and helped me to acknowledge and to establish lifelong exercise habits. His accountability, motivation and care helped to keep me on track maintaining the consistency of my performance. Thank you Jason!

04. How is your training schedule? How many times per week do you train and what body parts you train?

I go to the gym twice a day, 5 to 6 days a week. PT sessions 3 sessions per week that focus cardio & strength workouts.

i) I train cardio with boxing. It helped me to improve speed, intensity and laser-focused mental fortitude. It also helped me with my asthma. Since I started personal training, I only used the inhaler twice.

ii) Strength training improved my muscular condition. Jason makes me work a muscle or a muscle group against external resistance, including free-weights, weight machines, or my own body weight. Group classes such as Les Mills classes namely Body Combat & Body Pump; they are high-intensity interval training workouts boosted by motivating and rhythmic music that have been enhancing my personal fitness performance.

iii) The functional training group class has its holistic approach that helped me train several muscle groups in combination along with training my cardio that increases my fitness performance. Therefore, more calories are burned.

iv) Yoga group classes to increase flexibility. This cross training stimulated my body (different muscles from upper & lower body) as well my neurological system resulting in the development of whole-body power.

05. What is your typical day diet? How many meals? 

I eat several times a day between meals & healthy snacks. At least 3L of water per day. 

My diet is rich in vegetables, legumes (beans), fruit, lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, tofu, nuts, seeds, cottage cheese, quinoa, sweet potato. 

I avoid sweets & alcohol (at least during week days!). Since I’m over 40, I also take vitamins as a supplement cause of the nutrients such as minerals like iron, calcium and vitamin C, magnesium plus probiotics & fish oil.