Christel Collado

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Personal Trainer: Jerson Sarmiento


1. How long it took you for this transformation?

My transformation took me about 9 months.

2. From what weight did you start and what’s your current weight now?

When I first started in Macao Fitness, my weight was 78kg, and now I am 58kg.

3. How has Macao Fitness, and Jerson helped you throughout your journey?

Macao fitness has helped me a lot throughout my fitness journey, especially my trainer Jerson. He is always there to motivate me that I can do it. He also has been there to push me to my limits. He is a very good trainer teaching me how I could manage all things to make some exercises that seemed impossible to do, and made them possible. The staff is also nice to support and motivate me. The facilities and equipment are great, and the location is very accessible for me.

4. How is your training schedule? How many times per week you train and what body part you train?

My training schedule is great. I train 4 times a week. Mostly, I do cardio to burn more calories. I also do functional training and strength training. I mostly train my glutes, legs and arms because I want them to be more firm.

5. What’s your typical day diet? how many meals?

I still eat 3 meals per day. I keep a low calories diet, so I remove mostly sugar, rice, and fatty foods, especially fast food.