Natasha Fellini

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Personal Trainer: Jason Sarmiento

01. How long it took you for this transformation?

I joined Macao Fitness and my pt sessions in September  2020. It has been 10 months since then.

02. From what weight did you start and what’s your current weight now?

I started with 96kg and now my weight is 80kg.

03. How has Macao Fitness and Jason helped you throughout your journey?

Macao Fitness and Jason have been amazing and essential in my fitness journey. The staff in Macao Fitness are very friendly and helpful, so you feel very good the moment you arrive at the gym. The Instructors and the group classes are the best as well. You always feel a good vibe, you feel happy and you have a good time. So it really helps you to enjoy your training and make you keep going with the workouts. Jason is very passionate in what he is doing, and you can feel it the way he pushes you further every time, and making sure you are well and taken good care of. So that is why Jason is very important and essential in my fitness journey, helping me all the way.

04. How is your training schedule? How many times per week do you train and what body parts you train?

I’ve put in my mind that training is already part of my life, so I try to train almost everyday. Either joining the group classes at the gym or having PT sessions. I am always focusing in training all body parts.

05. What is your typical day diet? How many meals?

I have not been to strict with diet. I try to do as long as I can intermittent fasting. If I have training in the morning, I would eat some protein. So I basically just have lunch and dinner.
When I have my meals I always try to avoid carbohydrates, so I am always eating more salad, vegetables and proteins.