Macao Fitness Referral Form

Refer your friends via online registration form:
Please write in english letters. 請輸入拼音。
Please write in english letters. 請輸入拼音
Please write in english letters. 請輸入拼音
Terms and conditions:
  1. Promotion ends in 30 June 2021.
  2. Only registered referrals collected from online registration form are eligible for this promotion.
  3. Only first time Macao Fitness visitors holding a Macau ID are eligible for the complimentary trial.
  4. Referred friends’ mobile numbers must be provided for tracking purposes.
  5. Only new joins who successfully sign a 12-month membership or more for Macao Fitness within the promotion period will qualify as a successful referral.
  6. All rewards and incentives are non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash.
  7. Promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  8. Any dispute connected in any way with this promotion will be resolved by Macao Fitness at its absolute discretion.


  1. 該活動有效由2021年06月01日至30日。
  2. 只有此推薦人登記表中收集的註冊推薦人可參與此活動。
  3. 一次免費試玩僅限於初次Macao Fitness訪客的澳門居民。
  4. 為本健身會留作記錄,推薦者必須提供推薦人的聯絡電話號碼。
  5. 被推薦者成功達到12個月或以上的會籍合約,方可見為符合資格的成功推薦。
  6. 所有獎勵均不可退還,轉讓或兌換成等值現金。
  7. 此活動折扣不能與其他折扣一起使用。
  8. 與此活動有關的任何爭議將由Macao Fitness全權酌情決定。