Stanley Ho

Personal Trainer: Jeffrey

等我地會員Stanley同大家講下同Macao Fitness健美比賽冠軍級教練Jeffrey進行訓練既過程同成果啦!

無論你既目標係修身、增加運動量或强健體魄,有私人教練輔助可以令你更快速有效地達到理想體態!Macao Fitness既冠軍級教練擁有多年健身經驗同專業資格,以最客觀角度爲你定制最適合你體能既健身計劃,除左教你如何減低訓練時受傷風險,更會建議適當營養攝取,提供最大推動力幫你進行針對性鍛煉、衝破停滯期同挑戰你意志力!

Take a look with our member Stanley discussing his thoughts about his trainings with our Bodybuilding Champion and Senior Pro Trainer Jeffrey!

Whether your fitness goals are weight related, sports-driven or simply just overall health improvement, having a personal trainer help you along the way will make sure you achieve them faster, safer and more effectively! Our professional trainers at Macao Fitness have a world of experience to tailor your workout and nutrition plans to target problem areas, breakthrough plateau stages and challenge limits, all while keeping you motivated and most importantly, injury-free!