Tomas Leong

Personal Trainer: Anca Dragan

01. How long it took you for this transformation?

-My gym membership with Macao Fitness was back in 2012. At that time I was a swimmer, and I hired a personal trainer Amy Ridge.

-I built her idea of fitness training (work full parts of body) from scratch. 

-It was not until last year May 2017 that I came back to Macao Fitness and met another female trainer Anca, it was then my journey kicked off.

02. From what weight did you start and what’s your current weight now?

-Back in 2012 my body weight was 60kg. It went up 3 kg after a complete rest from Macao Fitness (around 1 year and a half). Starting on Dec 2017, T after 5 months and 2 weeks training, my weight now is 70.6kg (with real lean muscle!)

03. How has Macao Fitness, and Anca helped you throughout your journey?

-Anca is my coach and instructor in Macao Fitness community.

She helped me focus on my goal, always with me every step of the way ( and recently her husband Keno too) and guaranteed satisfaction. One more thing: friendship.

I like Macao Fitness because the gym builds my path to success: fully equipped facilities, a private fitness centre, members sharing my aspirations.

Everybody needs time, space and dedication to train quality fitness, and Macao Fitness provides exactly these.

04. How is your training schedule? how many times per week you train and what body part you train?

-Monday: biceps + abs

-Tuesday: triceps + abs

-Wednesday: back + staircase cardio/ incline walk

-Thursday: chest + staircase cardio/ incline walk

-Friday: shoulders + abs

-Saturday: legs

-Sunday: rest

05. What’s your typical day diet? how many meals?

-5 meals a day

Breakfast: Plain Oatmeal + 5 Egg (2 Yolk)

Lunch: Sweet Potatoes, Broccoli, Cod Fish + side salad

Meal 3: Same as Lunch

Meal 4: Brown Rice, Salmon, Broccoli & 1 cucumber

Meal 5: Same as meal 4