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Macao Fitness members have soon realized the benefits of having a personal trainer while working with them. Our personal trainers will help you reach whatever your fitness goals are- from designing a specific workout and diet program, and to motivate you everyday at the gym.

Members receive an hour training session with our trainers.

Before starting your personal training sessions with your trainer, please review our personal training policy here.


  • You do not see results If you have been working out everyday and eating “what you think” your own diet meals constantly, but still do not see results, getting a trainer is a good choice.
  • You may not be eating right or have the wrong macros – that’s why our trainers can track your mistakes – eating habits, training, and make your workouts much more challenging.
  • Where to start knowing what and which kind of exercises are suitable for your body type, whether weight lifting or high intensity training, etc.
  • Not knowing the repetition range, sets, and how heavy you should do? This is where a personal trainer can be the biggest help.
  • Always challenge Your Body if you are doing the same old routine over and over again, obviously you are not getting the utmost results! Personal trainers help you build a specific workout plan only for you and your body type. They motivate  you and encourage you to lift more heavy – pushing to the limit.
  • Macao Fitness trainers have built-in motivation, to provide accountability and motivation for maximizing your results.
  • Macao Fitness trainers have gotten their clients push to their limits and also helped them have a total body transformation as a result. Click here to see some of the body transformations from our members with the guidance of our personal trainers.

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